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Frou Frou Flowers


Frou Frou Originals

Frou Frou Originals are unique silk flower arrangements, designed and handmade by Marian, the owner of Frou Frou Flowers. The designs are inspired by great names in contemporary Dutch, Flemish and German floral design, but also by materials and shapes Marian sees in everyday life.


Tak Solo

Floral Arrangement Floral Arrangement


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W 4.5"/D 4.5"/H 30"/ 1.1lb

Materials: birch, jute, pine fiber paper, silk flowers, styrofoam

In Tak Solo a branch with small yellow flowers is caught in a base of birch, pine fiber paper and jute. Also available with cream flowers.

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Because Marian makes all the bases and arrangements herself, she can customize your order: prefer the base or the flowers in a different color? Just contact us and we will see what we can do!

Marian can also make a special design for you: for example if you have a business and want to incorporate your product in the design, just contact us and challenge Marian. You'll never know what she comes up with...

All products on this website are handmade in the USA

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