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Do you need stunning floral arrangements for your business without the daily hassle and expense of real flowers? Looking for long lasting floral displays that match your brand and enliven your corporate space? Frou Frou Flowers has the solution:

silk flower arrangements!


Lineair vase

Floral Arrangement Floral Arrangement


Availaibility: Made to order


W 25'/D 25'/H 42'

Materials: silk flowers, aluminium flower vase

Classic arrangement in modern colours! This lineair vase arrangement with purple bell flowers, green carnations, purple cosmos, and purple and green hydrangea will be a true eyecatcher in your business.

Five reasons... use silk flowers: Money saving, easy to care for, availability all year round, more colors and better for allergies.

Save Money

Artificial flowers will stay beautiful forever, so you buy an everlasting arrangement only once for approximately the same price as a fresh flower arrangement that will last just one week!

Easy to Care For

Our silk flowers have the look of fresh blooms with none of the hassle. They are easy to care for - you don't have to water them, don't have to remove dead flowers and clean up pollen or fallen petals.

More colors possible

Silk flowers can be painted in any color you like: black roses, blue calla lilies, purple poppies? No problem, if Marian can't buy the silk flowers in the right color, she will handpaint them herself.

All products on this website are handmade in the USA

Availability All Year Round

With silk flowers it doesn't matter whether the flowers are in season. Tulips in the fall? Hydrangea in winter? Silk flowers are available all year. You can also include exotic or unusual flowers in your artificial arrangements without the restrictions of real blooms.

Better For Allergies

Another advantage of artificial flowers is that they will not irritate customers or employees who have allergies to pollen. No more watery eyes or sneezing!


You already have your own special vase or container? No problem! Marian can make a special arrangement for your vase.

From classic country to exquisite exotic or cool contemporary, you choose the style or theme that suits your business, select your blooms and Marian will create your handmade arrangement.

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