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Discover a new vision on silk flower arrangements: creative, contemporary, and unique! Every piece is handmade in the USA by Marian, owner and founder of Frou Frou Flowers

Do you need stunning floral arrangements for your business without the daily hassle and expense of real flowers? Looking for long lasting floral displays that match your brand and enliven your corporate space? Frou Frou Flowers has the solution: silk flower arrangements!

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Marian het Lam-Minekus is owner and founder of Frou Frou Flowers. She is an Advanced Dutch Floral Designer and Wally Klett Wedding Specialist.

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Five reasons... use silk flowers: Money saving, easy to care for, availability all year round, more colors and better for allergies.

Frou Frou Originals are creative silk floral objects, unlike anything you have seen before, all designed and handmade by Marian.

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Frou Frou Treasures all have a base that is found on tag sales, flea markets and antique shops. Marian turned them into a unique silk floral object!

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Variety is now possible with silk flowers! With FlexiFlowers you buy a handmade base with one set of silk flowers. But because of the special design you can easily replace the original set of silk flowers with another set with a different color or style (sold separately). You can even use the empty aquatubes, which are included, to make your own fresh flower arrangement!

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All products on this website are handmade in the USA

Looking for unique bridal flowers? Marian can make astonishing bridal bouquets with matching boutonnieres, corsages, bridesmaid bouquets and other floral arrangements.

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